Gold Bars

Gold Bars
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  1. 1/2oz Gold Minted Bar
    1/2oz Gold Minted Bar
  2. 10oz Gold Cast Bar
    10oz Gold Cast Bar
  3. 50g Gold Cast Bar
    50g Gold Cast Bar
  4. 500g Gold Cast Bar
    500g Gold Cast Bar
  5. 250g Gold Cast Bar
    250g Gold Cast Bar
  6. 100g Gold Cast Bar
    100g Gold Cast Bar
  7. 1kg Gold Cast Bar
    1kg Gold Cast Bar
  8. 5oz Gold Minted Bar
    5oz Gold Minted Bar
  9. 5g Gold Minted Bar
    5g Gold Minted Bar
  10. 50g Gold Minted Bar
    50g Gold Minted Bar
  11. 500g Gold Minted Bar
    500g Gold Minted Bar
  12. 250g Gold Minted Bar
    250g Gold Minted Bar
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Baird & Co. Gold Bars

Baird & Co Gold Bars are a selection of fine gold bullion bars coming in different sizes from the London refinery. If you are new to investing in gold or a collector, all bars come with the marking of 999.9 quality as a seal of international approval.

As one of the UK’s leading traders, you can buy gold bars online and have them delivered securely to you. You can make use of our order limits and price alerts to make sure you are investing at the best of times.

We also have our own Gold Storage that you can choose to keep your Gold Bars in our vault, or at any location you choose. Otherwise smaller amounts 1g to 5g bars can be tracked and delivered to be given as gifts.

What Is A Bar Of Gold Worth in 2021?

Gold Bars that are used for personal use or investment come in a variety of sizes.  Regardless of how you calculate the weight, the value will be the same across imperial or metric.

Baird & Co offer the following, updated for 2021:



1 kg


500 g


250 g


100 g


50 g


20 g


10 g


1 g


What Is The Best Size Gold Bar To Buy?

If you are looking to invest in a Gold Bar on a budget, the 1 ounce, 100 gram or 10 ounce bars are the best option. With budgets exceeding £500,000+, 1 Kilogram bars are a better option.


The reason for this is that smaller bars can be sold steadily for a smoother return. Or to quickly sell a portion of the bars you own, which gives you flexibility with your investment. 

While larger bars trade at a slightly lower premium to the smaller gold bars, usually at 1-2% over global gold price.

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