Baird & Co. Trade Services

We offer trade services to our customers, from commercial refining to Bespoke Commissions & Gifts


Commercial refining of precious metals is the cornerstone of Baird & Co. Precious metals are processed and returned to clients either as pure metal or in product form, or can be sold to the company after processing.

• Fast turnaround – accurate results

• Prompt settlement – fast payments or cash by arrangement

Industrial Products

In addition to investment bullion and precious metal refining Baird & Co. has extensive manufacturing facilities producing a wide range of industrial and engineering products.

Bespoke Commissions & Gifts

With extensive design and toolmaking facilities Baird & Co is able to undertake bespoke commissions and gifts, designed and manufactured to your exacting standards - subject to manufacturing limitations.

Manufacturing Materials

Baird & Co produces high quality bullion products for the manufacturing jeweller and goldsmith.

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